A Social Media Platform Empowering Freedom Of Expression


The world’s most well-known social media companies have begun purging influencers from their platforms, leaving them without a secure home to continue nurturing their audiences.

This not only removes an influencer’s ability to share content, but also depletes any income streams derived from their audiences.

NPC will be the first social media platform to prioritize one of the world’s most prominent rights, freedom of expression; a right that has been overlooked in recent times across various platforms.

The platform will launch with our native cryptocurrency, NPC Coin, allowing influencers to instantly receive donations straight to their wallets. This will allow for faster payouts, tax benefits, and overall a more effective environment for creators to thrive


The NPC platform will be a decentralized video & streaming platform geared towards allowing creators to freely post/stream content of their choice without the fear of being censored (or banned). Creators have the ability to upload content that will be featured on the platform that includes anything they wish except; violence, full nude content, illegal activities, and anything else YouTube/Twitch wouldn’t allow. The main exception is speech, where creators can publicly voice their opinions without the fear of being censored or banned.

Both uploading videos and live-streaming on the platform will allow creators to make income through donations/tips in the form of $NPC (crypto). In order for this to work smoothly, will be integrated into the “donate” button so that users can easily purchase $NPC using their credit card on the platform. In addition to video content and streaming, the platform will also give creators the ability to upload video courses which can be purchased only using cryptocurrency (video courses added at a later date after video & streaming is launched).

When a creator receives a donation, it is automatically sent directly to their wallet. This allows for the creator to have complete control over their donations and earnings. The NPC platform is currently in development and will be released in early Q4 of 2022.


$NPC will power the NPC Social Media Platform. The platform will allow donations to influencers in either $ETH or $NPC, giving the influencer tremendous tax benefits.


The foundation of NPC was built through prioritizing our community of over 7,000 members, and 3,000 investors.


NPC empowers freedom of expression amongst its creators, with features like duel-livestreaming and crypto donations to compete with the industry giants.


Go To MetaMask ( CLICK HERE ) And Install The Chrome Extension. Follow The Steps On That Guide And Finish Setting Up The Extension. Or Download TrustWallet On The App Store.

Buy BNB Through MetaMask/TrustWallet Or Transfer It To Your MetaMask/TrustWallet Wallet Address From An Exchange (E.G. Binance).

Go To PancakeSwap ( HERE ) And Click The "Connect Wallet" Button. When MetaMask/TrustWallet Asks For Your Signature, Go Ahead And Sign It

Make Sure Your Wallet Is Connected, Then Enter The Amount Of $BNB (Smartchain) You Would Like To Swap For $NPC. Then Enter The $NPC Address (Found Below). Set Your Slippage To 10% - 11% And Then Swap $BNB For $NPC!



Every transaction will have a 10% slippage, with 1% of that being redistributed to all current holders.
You will receive $NPC on a daily basis, directly in your wallet.


A portion of all transaction fees will be automatically sent to our developer wallet for marketing.
These funds will be allocated towards $NPC promotions and “Shill-To-Earn” rewards.


A small portion of all transaction fees will be sent to our developer wallet for token rewards.
These will be used for shill-to-earn, giveaways, airdrops and more.


A portion of all transaction fees will go directly back into the liquidity pool for our token.
This process takes place automatically and helps increase the strength of our token.



Token Launch

NPC Coin ($NPC) and our official website will be developed and released to the public. Our contract audit will be completed before launch, alongside an official KYC for the team.

Social Media Platform

We will be launching our official video and streaming platform that allows creators to freely speak their mind without the fear of being banned or censored. This is an enormous issue in today's society with influencers being banned left and right for simply stating their opinions online.

Influencer Partnerships

After the release of our official platforms, we will begin influencer partnerships to further support our video and streaming platform. These influencers will be streaming to their audience on our platform, and spread awareness of the NPC ecosystem.

Staking Platform

The NPC Staking Platform will be launched soon after the release of our official NPC video and streaming platform. This will allow $NPC holders to stake their tokens and earn additional $NPC as a reward.

Exchange Listings

We will be listing $NPC on some of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, allowing for mass adoption of our token.


Exclusive Merchandise

The following week after our public launch, we will be releasing NPC merchandise. Featuring the "I promise I'm not an NPC" tee, the "Are you an NPC?" hoodie and so much more...

Mass Adoption

After the release of our platforms and large exchange listings, heavy marketing will begin. This includes large influencer marketing campaigns pushing creators to the platform to further increase volume and adoption of $NPC.

Team Expansion

At this period in NPC history, the ecosystem will be operating at an extremely high rate. This will require expansion in all departments including marketing, cyber security, development, and community.

"The NPCs" NFT Collection

We will be releasing an official NFT collection that embodies what our community stands for: Breaking free from the traditional path set out for us by those in power, and avoiding becoming just another NPC in the modern day system.

Community Events

We plan to host events for our holders that will take place around the world. These events will be for holders only, and will serve as an opportunity to network and form deeper connections with the members of our community.


Matt Lorion


Web3 Influencer with 1.5M+ followers, specializes in token growth and influencer partnerships.

Bilal Ahmad


Project Manager with 4 years of directing experience in both web2 & web3 companies.



Web3 investor and enthusiast with over 2 years of experience leading crypto communities.

Nick Novoa


NPC’s Lead Developer specializing in web3 integrations and project development.

Sergio Rebelo

Engineering Manager

Over 9 years of experience in software engineering. Has worked with $1B+ MC projects.

Daniel Borok


A natural leader with over 15 years of experience in business. Improving organization and structure to the project.


When will the platform be released?

The Alpha version is scheduled to be released on November 17th, 2022. Shortly after in December of 2022, the beta version will be released for influencers to begin creating content. In Q1 of 2023, the mobile app for NPC will launch on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

What is $NPC used for?

$NPC is the platform’s native cryptocurrency, allowing users to donate to their favorite creators during live streams. The coin will also allow investors to own a piece of NPC and its future growth. More features involving $NPC will be released in the beta version.

What makes NPC different from other platforms?

The NPC platform prioritizes the growth and fairness of all creators on the platform. This includes complete freedom of expression, duel livestreaming, crypto donations, and much more.

How do I invest in NPC?

Anyone is able to invest in NPC and its potential through the platform’s native cryptocurrency, NPC Coin. This coin is available to be traded on PancakeSwap or directly above on our website.

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